Junction Boxes, what are their function?

Junction Boxes are a very important item in executing an electric project, used in electric equipment assembly and automation, such as control panels and other types of installation. The boxes help organize the wiring and the components installed inside of them.

When performing an installation, it is very important to pay attention to the electric project, since different projects require specific sizes and solutions, such as:

  • DIN Rail Mount (structure to mount electric components);
  • Assembly Board (used to facilitate the mounting of components);
  • Junction Boxes with Transparent Covers (to facilitate visibility of components inside the Box);
  • Junction Boxes with Customized Perforations;

Let’s take a closer look at Junction Boxes with Customized Perforations…

When a project requires a Junction Box with Customized Perforations, it is extremely important to follow the instructions exactly, since the service must be performed by trained professionals.

The execution of this service by persons how are not duly trained may cause damage and the total loss of the Junction Box.

KrausMuller offers customized perforation services, optimizing time, avoiding losses, and ensuring that each project is delivered according to the specific needs.

In order to avoid damages and losses, always choose products that comply with safety and quality standards, verify the technical information provided by the product, and certify that the company supplying the product complies with the relevant norms.

The KrausMuller Junction Box line:

  • May be used as junction boxes;
  • May be used for IEC class 2 – double insulation devices and circuits. Therefore, they are insulated;
  • Provide markings (patented) of the dimensions for perforations and/or mounting;
  • The thermoplastic material used in the boxes complies with ABNT IEC Norm 60.695 – 2 – 10 2006.
  • Operational temperature limit of the box: – 650°C;
  • Optimal dimensional stability;
  • Proper sealing, according to the model and application.
  • Meet all the characteristics of competitor models.

All products of our catalog and their respective materials undergo rigorous testing in laboratories, in order to ensure the integrity and quality of each item sold.

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