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The conduits are the tubes that stay inside the walls, slabs and floors, and their main function is to protect the electrical wiring against external factors.

Also known as electroducts, they have in their composition anti-flame characteristics, preventing the propagation of fires caused by short circuits.


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General information

Material : Nylon (polyamide PA);

Operating Temerature : -5°C to 100 ° C and 150 ° C for short time;

Material : PP-Polypropylene Anti-flame;

Operating Temperature : -5ºC to 60ºC Anti-flame retardant;

U.V Protection : Up to 2 years in grey and 5 years in black. Produced with high weather resistance material.

Technical specifications
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Descrição A
PA KM01915 KM02742 KM01041 KM01392 FLEX 3/8” PA 10.3 12.7
KM01916 KM02743 KM01650 KM02723 FLEX 5/8” PA 16.8 21
KM02342 KM02744 KM02342 KM02724 FLEX 3/16” PA 5 7
KM01124 KM02745 KM01507 KM02725 FLEX 5/16” PA 7 9.7
KM02746 KM02747 KM02046 KM02726 FLEX 7/16” PA 11.5 15.5
KM03748 KM02749 KM01042 KM01393 FLEX 1/2” PA 14.5 18.3
KM01794 KM02750 KM01027 KM01394 FLEX 3/4” PA 19.4 24
KM01795 KM02751 KM01028 KM00338 FLEX 1” PA 23.7 28
KM03928 KM03960 KM03958 KM03959 FLEX 1.1/4” PA 31.2 38.2
KM02752 KM02753 KM01103 KM02727 FLEX 1.1/2” PA 38 46.5
KM02754 KM02755 KM02244 KM01450 FLEX 2” PA 50 56.5
PP KM02448 KM02756 KM01324 KM02728 FLEX 3/8” PP 10.3 12.7
KM02757 KM02758 KM02532 KM02729 FLEX 5/8” PP 16.8 21
KM02759 KM02760 KM02731 KM02730 FLEX 3/16” PP 5 7
KM02171 KM02761 KM00276 KM02995 FLEX 5/16” PP 7 9.7
KM02762 KM02763 KM02733 KM02734 FLEX 7/16” PP 11.5 15.5
KM02343 KM02764 KM01325 KM02735 FLEX 1/2 PP 14.5 18.3
KM01919 KM02765 KM01901 KM02736 FLEX 3/4” PP 19.4 24
KM02303 KM02766 KM01902 KM02737 FLEX 1’PP 23.7 28
KM02769 KM02767 KM02738 KM02739 FLEX 1.1/2” PP 38 46.5
KM03961 KM03962 KM03923 KM03904 FLEX 1.1/4” PP 31.2 38.2
KM03963 KM02768 KM02740 KM02741 FLEX 2” PP 50 56.5

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